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Achievements and Rewards

Every week we celebrate our children's successes at our celebration assembly. This is held every Friday morning at 9.00am for the whole school. We encourage our parents and carers to come and join in our celebrations. We will be celebrating those children who have displayed:

  • Good attitudes to learning
  • Improved presentation
  • Outstanding achievement
  • Participation in out of school activities such as swimming and football

Our Badges:

Siddal Always Pupil   Character Counts   Reaching for Success   Bookworms

Siddal Always Pupil:  Always Pupils are rewarded with a stunning gold star badge which they proudly wear.  In order to receive one of these badges, pupils need to read regularly, always do their homework, treat others with respect and make sure they are shining examples each day. 

Character Counts:  These are awarded every half term and are chosen by Class Teachers.  Pupils who display responsible, caring and kind attitudes are recognised with this award.

Reaching for Success:  These are awarded every half term and are chosen by Class Teachers.  Pupils who 'go the extra mile' and strive to reach their full potential are awarded this badge.

Reading Bookworms: These are awarded when a pupil has read 20 (Bronze), 40 (Silver), 60 (Gold), 100 (Black), 200 (Platinum), 300 (trophy) and 400 (choose a book of choice to keep) books and completed a detailed book review.

Good Tickets: These are awarded to pupils who have the highest number of books read and successfully completed tested on their Accelerated Reader books. Good tickets can be exchanged at the Siddal Snack Shack. 

Maths Time Table Challenge: These are awarded when a pupil successfully knows their 1-12x in order (1 Star), 1-12x out of order (2 Stars), 1-12 multiplication and division (3 stars) and square, cubed, square root, prime and prime factors (Ultimate). All pupils achieved are placed on the 'Wall of Frame'. 

Dojo stickers: linked to the schools positive behaviour management policy. Dojos are rewarded for instantly using an online tool. Dojos can be redeemed for prizes. 

 Attendance and Punctuality Awards:

Pippa the Punctuality Penguin   Roary the Attendance Lion

Attendance and Punctuality Awards are also acknowledged during our Honours assemblies with the winning class having Pippa the Punctuality Penguin or Roary the Attendance Lion in their classroom for a week.