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Curriculum Charter



Siddal Primary School Curriculum Charter

As well as implementing a bespoke curriculum' we also pledge that during pupils' time at Siddal Primary School, we will ensure that every child will have the opportunity to:

 Experience live music

Have a piece of art work displayed

Take part in a public performance

Learn to reduce and recycle

Visit a theatre and watch a live performance

Participate in at least 5 different sports

Take part in a disability awareness raising activity

Learn basic road, water and railway safety

Take part in Cycling Proficiency

Learn to play an instrument

Visit different religious places of worship

Grow, tend and nurture a plant/ living thing

Learn basic first aid

Take part in a residential visit

Learn to swim (at least 25 metres)

Create and sell something to raise money for charity

Grow ingredients to make a meal

Be able to cook a basic meal and understand a balanced diet

Visit a local farm

Be able to send an email

Understand how to use the Internet safely

Visit London and understand why it is our capital city

Visit the seaside

Take part in local walks

Learn about local heritage

Build a den and learn basic survival skills

Be able to name 5 favourite stories

Be able to recognise 10 different plants

To work alongside an artist

To meet an author

Make a snowman

Visit different places of employment

(experiences agreed in consultation with pupils, parents and carers)


Click here to find our Curriculum Policy.


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