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Since starting the Eco Council we have achieved both our bronze and silver award for excellence in raising awareness to our school and wider community. We have completed regular litter picks and have weeded the beds around the playgrounds.  We have also installed a number of pit fall traps so we were able to look at the various insects around school.  

As part of our commitment to being more eco-friendly, the Eco Council started to monitor the recycling bins in each class and giving weekly feedback.  There has been a vast improvement in the amount of recycling going on across school.   Projects have included building bird boxes which were sold at the school fair to help raise money for plant boxes and bulbs.

This year the Eco council have continued to monitor recycling around the school and have along worked alongside members of the local community to build a new raised bed; this has enabled the school to become more self-sustainable as the children used all the vegetables grown in their cooking lessons with Mrs. Harper.

The council are looking forward to working more with the local community and taking further steps to help us achieve our green flag award.