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Reception Class

In Reception, the children will begin learning phonics. A phoneme is the sound that corresponds to a letter or multiple letters of the alphabet. The children will start by learning the single letter sounds of the alphabet then move onto diagraphs / trigraphs (two or three letters that make one sound e.g. ‘igh’ as in high). The children will refer to the single letter sounds as set 1 sounds and to the first set of digraphs taught as set 2 sounds.

When the children are beginning to blend single sounds to make words, they will start receiving word cards to take home alongside a book banded book with phonetically regular words in.

Not every word in the English language can be read using phonics so the children will also learn non-phonetically decodable words, referred to by the children as tricky red words, e.g. said, the, I, my, alongside their phonics teaching.

Year 1

Your child’s phonics journey will continue into year 1, where the children will learn different spelling options for sounds e.g. ‘ay’ as in play, ‘a_e’ as in make a cake and ‘ai’ as in snail in the rain. These are more commonly known to the children as set 3 sounds.  They will also continue to move up on the colour banded reading scheme and be given lots of opportunity to practise their phonics skills.

At the end of Y1, the children will complete a ‘Phonics Screening Assessment’ set by the government. This is a list of 40 words that are all phonetically decodable. The words the children read include a mixture of real words and pseudo words, more commonly known to the children as alien words. The children in Y1 are very familiar with these types of words and know that they are not ‘real’ words. The assessment takes place in the summer term and you will be notified if your child has passed the phonics screening assessment in writing. This is usually done around the same time as annual written reports go out. If your child has not passed the phonics screening assessment, they will retake the assessment in the summer term of Y2.

If you click on the link you can find the order in which the sounds are taught

Please follow the link below to find resources to support with teaching phonics and reading at home.

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